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Well you've authored you're book, most likely built a great author's media site or blog, however what about you're online marketing and presence? You might say, I paid for a extensive online marketing package with the publisher and my book is listed on countless online bookstores and sites. Congratulation, so are hundreds of thousands of other authors and books.

Maybe you've joined a few online social communities, signed a few guest books and have some online interaction out there that markets you're book and author media site. I could share some great book social clubs and communities with you that have again thousands of author's all trying to do the same thing, the sites are flooded with great books and the competition is fierce.

If you're looking for prime ad placement on a network that consist of over 150 separate sites, that will get you the marketing you deserve and market you're author media site, contact me. I can prepare a marketing challenge that will market you as a author, you're author media site and dramatically increase you're online presence.

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Thanks for stopping by. We hope that you enjoy you're time with us. You will note additional links to the side to various other sites of interest, plus some great blogging communities. There's no doubt that blogging is transforming into various new areas of interest and interaction. While you're here, leave us a comment and please share your site or blog with us and our readers. Happy blogging.

New Blogs Free Advertisement vs. Paid Advertisement

There's lots of free advertisement available online. You can spend endless hours signing guest books, registering at this site and that site, joining directories that promises thousands of hits, link to this blog and link to that blog and all for free. However, after 10 or 20 hours of doing this, what have you accomplished. Truth is even if people come to your site or blog, your site and the content is what keeps them there.

My suggestion is that before you start linking your blog to other blogs and going through the process of the above. First, create some great content on your blog for you're visitors to read. Make sure that you have your blog filled with content and then consider marketing, advertising or sharing you're blog.

While I would definitely take advantage of free advertising, marketing, links exchanges, and all those goodies. If you are offering products or services, I encourage you to also have a marketing plan that includes paid ads that targets specific areas online.

The bottom line is this. If you are trying to sell a product or a services, you are going to have to spend money to advertise those products and services.

Authors & New Book Releases

Have you just published a new book? Congratulations. I would imagine your quite excited. I would also imagine that you're already pondering book signings, book events, book conferences and possibly online marketing. If so we can help in the online marketing area. Simply contact us at, send us a picture of your new book cover, share a little about you as the author and the book and we will get back to you with a great online marketing plan.

While you here, take some time and visit The Authors Club which is a brand new forum just for authors. You can also market your book and book site at the forum free of charge.Simply visit The Authors Club and again, it's a brand new forum just for authors.

The Swine Flu

Well I continue to read the latest news reports on the swine flu. It seems that as the summer is coming to an end, more and more cases of the sine flu are starting to come forth with children being hit the hardest. The new vaccines that were suppose to be ready are behind dramatically from the numbers that were hope for and it seems that the President has just made some changes in hopes that people that become sick with the swine flu can get immediate medical attention without all the red tape involved if they don't have insurance or medical insurance.

As with most of the posts that I have written on this subject, I simply want to encourage our readers to stay informed about this and become educated on the best ways to protect you and your family from potentially catching the swine flu. Perform some online searches under the words swine flu and simply take in the valuable information.

Great Online Book Stores

There are quite a few great online book stores that provide excellent services when it comes to your book needs. Of course Amazon is top of the list. Barnes & Noble also offers great books at great prices and another great site is called Google Book Search .

If your a book lover, I encourage you to take advantage of the many online book stores that are out there. You can get the latest information on new book releases, and find information on both current and past books. Simply Google the book your looking for or visit one of the above mentioned sites.

Turning Things Around

Sometimes when we are on the right path, things are progressing and moving along well. We are excited, having fun, and filled with expectations and joy. Then all the sudden we take the wrong off ramp of the freeway and get side tracked. Many times it's other people that even show us that off ramp. Yet there we are somewhat stuck. When this happens, we need to get back on course, complete the race and complete the projects that we started. It's easy to see when this has happened. Our joy is gone.

Always complete what you started, especially when you were having so much fun doing it in the first place. And if all the sudden you take the wrong off ramp and everything falls apart. Just try to get back on track and redeem the situation.

Moving Forward With Purpose

Sometimes we come to places where we just have to move forward. It's like the seasons of yesterday have taken a toll upon us, and moving forward is much better that standing still. However, when we come to this place we must move forward with purpose by setting new goals to reach.

For it's better to move forward and have purpose in life, than to stand still in a pond of stagnant waters. The good things in live are found in the rivers, rivers filled with purpose.

Quote Of The Day

It's better to keep your logs in a river that is flowing, than to hang out with beaver's that whisper into your ears while building dams that stop the flow of your river. In the end, the river will keep flowing and all your dreams will be stuck in a pond, while the beavers suck the life right out of your dreams.

Never toss aside the ones that God sends to help you pursue your dreams.