The Four Corners Of Life

Randomly speaking, there is a right way and a wrong way. It's easy to know which one is right looking back after the fact. The key is having eyes in front of your head and in the back of your head. Looking from side to side is also helpful.

Twitter Gone Wild

Over the last few weeks we have been following Twitter. Oh my what a gone wild situation. There is everything from everything to everything. Thank God they have a cap on words and the posts are mere sentences otherwise yikes. Actually Twitter is pretty cool and most all the tweets are also pretty cool. So if your into tweeting, check twitter out.

You can check us out at Twitter here.

Print On Demand Publishings

There are many POD Publisher's out the that offer various publishing packages to author's. Some of them have some very attractive sites with endless pages to take in that offer lots of information. I have spend endless hours reading all the content on many POD Publisher's sites. That's a lot of reading and by the time you get to reading the publishing contract, things can get somewhat confusing.

Let me encourage you to take you're time when choosing a POD Publisher. Take the time to read "all" the content on the site, all the pages and do comparisons with other POD Publishers. There are some great POD Publisher's out there that offer some great publishing packages.

Do you're homework, find the right publisher for you, and get the best deal. Most importantly think things through from start to finish to make sure that the POD Publisher that you choose fits into you're overall vision and objective for you as a author and you're book.