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If you have published a book with a print on demand publisher or have self published through some other means, you will soon find out what all authors soon learn. That most publishers publish and print books, but perform very little author promotions and book marketing for the author.

Sure you can order the standard book marketing packages and get your books in the online data base and even on Amazon. However, there are millions of books in those data basis and listed on endless online bookstore data basis. One question. What are the chances of someone magically searching for you as a author by your name, your book by it's title or the ISBN number? It rarely happens. The truth and reality is that you must promote yourself as a author and market your book to perspective book buyers if you want to sell books.

There are way too many struggling authors that have fallen for the big number catches. Get your book listed on 25,000 online bookstores. Sounds impressive and actually the numbers are, but again the problem is that there you are amidst the millions of other authors and books and no one knows who you are or the title of your book.

You must create and find ways to create strategic expanded marketing if you want to find success which leads to the next problem, which is, that most authors and writers are not marketing professionals or online specialists.

I am amazed at all the posts, interactions and comments that authors place in author sites hoping to sell copies of their books, to whom, but other authors. Just imagine if one took all that time, effort and interaction and used targeted marketing. That's not to say that the interactions are a waste of time because there are great things to be learned by other authors.

If you are looking for some strategic expanded author promotions and book marketing contact us. We can create a author promotions and marketing plan that will help you get the exposure you need while expanding your online presence and reach into additional communities, networks and social communities. Then maybe some book lovers will know who you are, the title of your book and how to find you.

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Author Judy LeBlanc's Theology 101 In Bite Size Pieces

"Theology 101 In Bite-Size Pieces" is sweet to the taste and food for the soul. Beautifully written, Award winning author Judy Azar LeBlanc explains both the simplicity and the depths of the riches of God's Divine Grace through the application of the wisdom and life changing truth of the Word of God. The author speaks of and teaches of the basic, yet profound kingdom truths and principles of receiving and entering into God's wonderful grace through the finished work of the Cross. The author also opens the doors to a much deeper knowledge and in-depth understanding of the graces and riches in Christ that are available to every believer.

Each chapter reveals the foundational truths of the divine riches available to those who accept the free gift of salvation with an in-depth revelation of what the finished work of the Cross provides.

Through careful research of the Greek and Hebrew root meaning, the author, unveils the true meaning of the reality of divine grace, foreknown, predestined, called, chosen, redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness, to be freed from the law, saved by grace and the importance of justification.

The author continues to reveal the profound importance and truths of divine inheritance and what it means to be a heavenly citizen, to be adopted, delivered from the powers of darkness, while displaying the true belonging and security there is to be found in Christ.

Like unwrapping a gift, this book, unravels the mystery of the word "theology" by the practical application of every day language. The author provides the reader with a deeper knowledge and appreciation for God, the character of God, His nature and just how profound His love is for us all.

Theology 101 In Bite-Size Pieces provides an excellent foundation for teaching, bible studies, encouraging others and as a personal look into the depths and truths of the wonderful grace of God.

This book is highly recommended not just as a excellent read, but also as a life changing teaching that can help put a reader on the path to a much more intimate understanding and relationship with God through the understanding and revelation of His Word.

Theology 101 In Bite Size Pieces by Judy Azar LeBlanc
Highly Recommended
Reviewed by: Christian Book Review's

Don't Forget Daddy, A Wonderful Children's Book by Author Theresa Franklin

Don't Forget Daddy by Theresa Franklin is a delightful book to read to any young child experiencing change in the family dynamics whether it is through divorce, remarriage or the death of a parent, especially in respect to loss of a father.

Author Theresa Franklin, writes with heartfelt compassion by addressing these delicate subjects in a creative way that will help identify any feelings that a child may be holding on to in their emotions. By opening up the lines of communication, this book will allow a child going through similar circumstances to be able to share their feelings. This book offers wonderful solutions to any young child on how to cope with the change in the family.

The short story opens with Ashley, a young child, sitting and conversing with a man who has become mommy's friend. She likes him, but does not know how to feel about him because she doesn't want to forget her daddy. With colorful illustrations and an easy to read dialogue your child will be able to understand this book as Ashley accepts her new daddy, and her new life with wonderful excitement. We find out through the book that change is okay and can be a good thing for all the parties involved.

With the divorce rate being close to 50 percent these days, many young children have to adapt to the loss of a parent and/or a new stepparent. Change is not easy, especially when you don't understand why it is happening. To a child this can be devastating and as parents it is imperative that these issues are addressed along with any feelings a child might have towards the change in the family dynamics. This book will help you do just that in a loving and compassionate way.

Don't forget Daddy is also a recommended book for parents or physiologists that want to open the dialogue between parent and child. This book can be used as a tool for parents or professionals to address a child's feelings whatever they may be towards the change in the family dynamics. It would be a perfect book for the mother who is remarrying with young children. I read it to my 6 year old daughter and all she could say was, "Again, again!" She loved it and I look forward to more books from this talented author that address issues with children and their feelings!

Don't Forget Daddy by Theresa Franklin

Highly Recommended
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0
Reviewed by Christian Book Reviews