Forty Days In The Mountains

Just imagine spending 40 days and 40 nights in the Teton Mountains and surrounding areas. The beauty, nature, peace, wonderful moments, beautiful sunsets and endless hours of being far from the hustle bustle of life.

Author Eric Zehnder did just that. When Author Eric Zehnder traveled to the Teton Mountains in Wyoming something very profound happened. He started writing quality sayings.

Eric went on to write 4,000 sayings in just 40 days while in the mountains. He then went on to write 8,000 more sayings and has amassed a personal library of over 12,000 sayings.

This book is a collection of wise, fun and humorous sayings. If you read a few, you will be entertained. However, if you apply the sayings in this book to everyday life situations, they will help put you on the path to living a victorious life.

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In The Wings

Behind every great idea there is a force. A force that takes the idea and makes it a reality. That takes vision, hard work, dedication, persistence, and the ability to see things from the start to the finish.

After all, it is good to run the race well.


The Author

What makes a author? Is it his desire, his dreams, his abilities? All these play a factor. But what defines a author?

His reading audience.

Who Said

Who said "you can't"! Who said "you're just not"!

Don't take those rusty coins. Don't settle for the negative. Don't receive those words into your heart, mind and soul.

Where there is a will, some faith, some application, and people that will encourage you. There is a great project, idea or creation waiting to be borne.


Quality Seeds

The quality of seed also makes the difference in the quality of the harvest. It is the same with our words. Some words produce encouragement, joy and bring happiness to others. Other words are destructive, and tear people down.

May all the words we speak bring forth an abundant crop in the lives of others and our lives.