Free Samples

Looking for some free stuff? Here's a great site where you can get free samples. You will be amazed at all the products, information, helpful hints and the overall layout of the website. Over the years I have joined a few of these sites and received great product samples. The Site is called Start Sampling.

Start Sampling today. It's fun, exciting and free.

Encouragement, Just What The Doctor Ordered

Encouragement is like medicine. It helps us to overcome negative thoughts, self inflicted pity parties and that give up mentality. Besides who likes the woe is me type personality combined with words of depression.

Be an encourager and make somebodies miserable day change it's course.

Original Content Blog Authors Wanted

Do you love to blog, write original sayings, poetry and short original blog content? We are looking for a few dedicated bloggers that want to be a part of our network as blog authors. Take a look at the blog and note the length of the blog posts. That's what we are looking for. Short blog posts that encourage, bless and provoke others to think. Now here's the best part. If you already have a blog, you can become a blog author, write short posts and place a link to your blog at the end of the post. Chances are people will visit your blog after reading your post. In return share us at your blog.
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Exploring Online Stores & Shops

Let's surt the net and look for some great online stores and sites that offer great products, service and prices. From a personal perspective, I do it often. I've found great products and services online, placed orders an even received free shipping. The cool part is not just the great prices and savings. It's that I didn't have to fight traffic, the crowds or waste the gasoline. I simply went online shopping in the comfort of home while relaxing, placed my order and then enjoyed some of my favorite things. Take some time and explore some online shops and sites where you will find great products, service and prices. Then smile and enjoy the day.
It's fun to Google products and services and find great products, services and prices.

Ad Space Available

Looking to advertise a product or website? We have prime ad space available. Simply contact us and let us know what you want to market or advertise and we will be happy to assist you. All products, services and/or web sites must be approved, so please send us the blog or web site address so that we can review it. We can even help with designing a banner that fits your needs.

The Products We Buy

Our world is filled with products and merchandise. Some are better than others. We should all carefully examine the products that we purchase and make sure that we are getting quality merchandise. After all, we all work hard for our money. Take time and make time to do some online research about the products that you purchase. It's really easy to Google a product and get quality information from quality sites.

Deals, Dreamers, Ideas & Action

The difference between closing the deal and dreaming it is like the difference between collecting ideas and putting them into action. Thoughts and words are like seeds that have to be sown, watered and cultivated.

Fruits Gone Sour

Most people love nice juicy fruit. There is a sweetness that comes with most fruits and fruit is healthy for you. However, some fruits are not healthy, and they come with a bitter taste. The may look sweet and appealing to the taste, but soon they prove to be sour.

What type of fruit are you? Are you sweet, kind, compassionate and loving or do you just give that impression?

Living In Fantasy Land

Children love to play, love to watch cartoons and love fantasy. It's really cute to watch a child play make believe and some are extremely gifted at it. As the seasons of life go by children grow up and become more mature. They build character and also start living life more responsibly.

Thank God for the adult authors who have held onto that creative part of their childhood. That ability to write children's stories that captivate children. Just imagine a child's life without stories, without adventure, and without fantasy.

Sometimes I think we should all be more like children at times and enjoy life.

True Colors

Have you ever noticed how sometimes people's true colors shine through and the colors are the complete opposite of what they wanted you and others to think about them? Only to realize that you have been handed a continuous flow of deception and lies? It amazes me how some people use and abuse others basically to make up for their own miserable worthless lives. Many times you can even see the fruits of such people in their children do to the dysfunctional family and dysfunctional family lifestyle. It's sad because their lives are filled with endless scares, headaches, and metal illnesses and the affects upon the children lead to emotional problems, anger management problems, guilt, shame, embarrassments, and they become disconnected from reality.

Know this, they do not go un noticed and while they think they have pulled the wool over the eye's of many, in time, they will be exposed. You see, those who cast evil and wickedness upon others in the end become ensnared in their own ways. Life becomes endlessly painful for them, they continue to encounter emotional, mental and even health problems that soon overtake them. It's really sad to see a life and the lives of others waste away and decay like that. It's a long, slow and very painful death, yet death is withheld from them.

There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked.

The Pursuit Of Success

The pursuit of success can take on many shapes and forms. Usually a thought comes forth, an idea. Then that thought or idea is put into motion. Very much like planting seeds in the ground. The seeds must be good seeds, the soil must be good soil and the process requires patience for growth.

The key is not quitting after you've cultivated the soil and planted the seeds. If fear of failure sets in and you walk away, the weeds may grow up and destroy your harvest.

Never give up on your dreams, don't change course in mid stream and be careful of people that stick their nose in your river. For they may end up like beavers that create dams and stop the rivers flow.

Da Blog Master

Pride's Rewards

Pride is a funny thing. The only problem is that when pride manifests, the end result is not funny. Whatever you do, don't brag along the way. It's a sure path to embarrassments.

Keeping The Flame Burning

Sometimes we all seem to give up and quit just a tad too soon. It's like the sardines vs. the tuna. We plan our game plan, put things into motion and then right about the time it's time to set sail, we give in and quit. Sad. Other times we do all our homework, put our plans into motion and start bragging about our accomplishments before we win the race only to give up because something fell short of our desires. The reality is that success is staying the course and finishing what we set out to do.

Now who would want a bucket of sardines when you could have some huge nets filled with tuna? Imagine the captain of a ship setting sail for a big catch, for tons of tuna only to set anchor just outside the break water. Can you see the sea gulls feasting on the spoiled sardines? Many times that is exactly what we do. Rather than staying the course and sometimes even facing our fears, we throw in the towel.

There is more to writing sayings that pushing them or selling them to others. You must live them. Otherwise your flame burns out.

Why All The Empty Chairs

I encountered a dream last January. There was this man and he appeared to be like a professor. At least he thought he was. He had all his books and papers in front of him on a table. He was speaking as if to a large crowd. In front of the man were rows and rows of chairs. The chairs were all empty, yet the man continued with his speech as if all the chairs had people sitting in them. The man was speaking and teaching to empty chairs. It was only a dream.

What colors does your character and personality give off? Are you a beautiful rainbow or a headache? Are your colors full or transparent? Do people like you or put up with you? Do people enjoy you or walk away wondering if you're all there. Do you see yourself as beautiful colors while others see you as colorless?