Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keeping The Flame Burning

Sometimes we all seem to give up and quit just a tad too soon. It's like the sardines vs. the tuna. We plan our game plan, put things into motion and then right about the time it's time to set sail, we give in and quit. Sad. Other times we do all our homework, put our plans into motion and start bragging about our accomplishments before we win the race only to give up because something fell short of our desires. The reality is that success is staying the course and finishing what we set out to do.

Now who would want a bucket of sardines when you could have some huge nets filled with tuna? Imagine the captain of a ship setting sail for a big catch, for tons of tuna only to set anchor just outside the break water. Can you see the sea gulls feasting on the spoiled sardines? Many times that is exactly what we do. Rather than staying the course and sometimes even facing our fears, we throw in the towel.

There is more to writing sayings that pushing them or selling them to others. You must live them. Otherwise your flame burns out.

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