Friday, October 30, 2009

Authors - Extended Online Author & Media Blog Advertising

Well you've authored you're book, most likely built a great author's media site or blog, however what about you're online marketing and presence? You might say, I paid for a extensive online marketing package with the publisher and my book is listed on countless online bookstores and sites. Congratulation, so are hundreds of thousands of other authors and books.

Maybe you've joined a few online social communities, signed a few guest books and have some online interaction out there that markets you're book and author media site. I could share some great book social clubs and communities with you that have again thousands of author's all trying to do the same thing, the sites are flooded with great books and the competition is fierce.

If you're looking for prime ad placement on a network that consist of over 150 separate sites, that will get you the marketing you deserve and market you're author media site, contact me. I can prepare a marketing challenge that will market you as a author, you're author media site and dramatically increase you're online presence.

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