Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chasing Dreams

We all have dreams and encounter dreams. That desire to be successful, excel, accomplish great things and off course the recognition that comes with such. Within such we see beyond who we are, what our capabilities are and create pictures and thoughts full of great hopes and expectations. Seems fair enough.

Yet sometimes within such we get off course, start seeking things way beyond us and miss the road and path along the way.

Game plans are essential in accomplishing great things. Yet just as important, one must stick to the game plan, stay in the boat and travel the course of the river.

Ponds of great accomplishments and notoriety can sometimes turn out to be side tracking stagnant waters. Meanwhile all the logs are flowing down the river in the flow with the current while we get stuck in ponds that we created, and that were not a part of the original game plan.

If one makes a list of to do's as a game plan, keeps adding new adventures, new ideas, new projects and refuses to stay the course of the original game plan, always adding new challenges, new ideas, new dreams while going off in endless directions. Nothing gets accomplished other than chasing delusions of grandure.

You see the current of the river only goes one way.


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